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•    Question 16

When preparing a claim message for which the answer is in question, you should

•    Question 17

Which statement best describes the appropriateness of the following product claim in a sales letter? "Viruscan is the best virus defense product available. It offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive protection for your data."

•    Question 18

A new product to reduce cholesterol is on the market, with a price that is higher than that of competitors. Where should a writer or speaker introduce price in his or her sales message?

•    Question 19

The central selling point in a persuasive message

•    Question 20

To overcome receiver resistance to a persuasive appeal, the price should be

•    Question 21

“The training session was worthwhile; it was worthwhile because employees learned to do the task correctly” is an example of which of the following techniques used for emphasis?

•    Question 22

Proofreading by reading a document aloud while another person verifies the copy is

•    Question 23

Which of the following sentences illustrates passive voice?

•    Question 24

Which of the following is true of lists in documents?

•    Question 25

Which of the following is an adequate reason for choosing passive voice?

•    Question 26

Writer's pride of ownership refers to

•    Question 27

Which of the following is the MOST effective heading in a memo report to employees?

•    Question 28

In business documents, a general rule for readability is that paragraphs normally should be

•    Question 29

Hong’s memo that describes new steps for merchandise returns should use which of the following techniques for emphasis?

•    Question 30

Which of the following sentences reflects the use of active voice?

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