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•    Question 16

When preparing a claim message for which the answer is in question, you should

•    Question 17

Which statement best describes the appropriateness of the following product claim in a sales letter? "Viruscan is the best virus defense product available. It offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive protection for your data."

•    Question 18

A new product to reduce cholesterol is on the market, with a price that is higher than that of competitors. Where should a writer or speaker introduce price in his or her sales message?

•    Question 19

The central selling point in a persuasive message

•    Question 20

To overcome receiver resistance to a persuasive appeal, the price should be

•    Question 21

“The training session was worthwhile; it was worthwhile because employees learned to do the task correctly” is an example of which of the following techniques used for emphasis?

•    Question 22

Proofreading by reading a document aloud while another person verifies the copy is

•    Question 23

Which of the following sentences illustrates passive voice?

•    Question 24

Which of the following is true of lists in documents?

•    Question 25

Which of the following is an adequate reason for choosing passive voice?

•    Question 26

Writer's pride of ownership refers to

•    Question 27

Which of the following is the MOST effective heading in a memo report to employees?

•    Question 28

In business documents, a general rule for readability is that paragraphs normally should be

•    Question 29

Hong’s memo that describes new steps for merchandise returns should use which of the following techniques for emphasis?

•    Question 30

Which of the following sentences reflects the use of active voice?

Professional English 1 Professional English 1

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•    Question 1

The effective opening for a bad-news message

•    Question 2

A mail order supplier has received an order for an item that would be unsuitable for the customer's needs. The supplier should

•    Question 3

You must deny a request for credit to an applicant who does not meet your company’s requirements. Using a sentence such as "You are encouraged to make cash purchases" illustrates a

•    Question 4

Which of the following is the BEST suggestion to follow when refusing a request?

•    Question 5

Jawon is a training and development manager who has been asked by a professor to speak to her class about careers in training. However, since he is currently conducting an important staff development program, his schedule is very busy, and he must refuse the request. What would be the best way to end his message?

•    Question 6

If bad news appears in the first sentence of a message, the

•    Question 7

To avoid litigation, some credit-granting companies

•    Question 8

Your employer asked you to compose a message to be sent to all job applicants who were not selected for an available sales representative position. You should

•    Question 9

Exceptions to the use of inductive approach for bad-news messages include

•    Question 10

Messages denying credit are different from other types of bad-news messages in that they

•    Question 11

Kendra is the program chair for an organization that would like permission to use a country club free of charge to host a fund-raising dinner. Which of the following sentences would be the most successful beginning sentence?

•    Question 12

•    Question 13

In a sales message, the last paragraph should

•    Question 14

Which of the following is correct concerning the outline for persuasive messages?

•    Question 15

How are effective persuasive memos different from routine memos?

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